Thursday, September 5, 2013

Choosing to be Different!

I haven't heard or seen so many four letter nasty words as I have in the comments section of one of my very own posts.  I must have hit a nerve and rocked the boat with my opinion.  I have thought long and hard about my stance on topics.  Many times, my viewpoint is considered old fashioned, rigid, holy roller-ish and just plain wrong.  Over the years, I have have actually stopped expressing my thoughts wondering why I was so weird and different.   I felt so misunderstood yet convicted in my belief (in whatever topic).

A few weeks ago, I even tweeted after reading so many attacks on my parenting and reading so much foul language that maybe it's time to pull in the reigns on my little mom life lesson blog.  It very well be time.  However, I was not impulsive as I have been in the past.  I did not pull the plug.  I instead pondered it and waited it out.  I continued to receive "hate" comments most of them toward my opinions and some toward me personally, which I didn't get as these people really don't even know me.

Anyway, I realized that it's hard to stand up for what you believe is right.  Society today has made anything and everything OK.  If that is what you want to do, it's fine with everyone.  If you don't agree with someone, society makes you feel terrible for having an opinion.  We have begun living in a world of complete gray.  Call me old fashioned or old school, but I believe there used to be a day when there was more of right and wrong.  Now, we accept about anything as long as it doesn't "hurt" anyone.

I agree there should be some "gray" in life.  Nothing is completely black and white.  We should have a lot of color also.  However, I shouldn't be ridiculed for standing up for what I believe in.  People shouldn't make others feel weird for having a different opinion.  You may or may not agree.  I get that whole-heartedly.  However, we live in a world behind a keyboard these days and feel entitled to attack others with a stroke of our fingers.  Or likewise, not stand up for what is right by passively being silent as it be different than the norm.

I may parent differently than you.  I may approach life differently than you.  I may not.  However, I have learned that I am at complete peace that I Love the Lord my God with my whole heart, soul and mind. I trust that He will care for me and that He had a grand purpose for my life as well as everyone else.  It may not always be an easy life, but even the difficulties have purpose.  I chose to be different and trust in Him.

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  1. The road less traveled is often muddled with obstacles and difficult to navigate. I sincerely applaud you for backing your opinions and standing firm in your convictions even when faced with harsh criticism, negative jugments, and just plain hate. I have skimmed through your blog (the ifunny post actually brought me here) and while we may not see eye to eye on a variety of topics, I completely respect your point of views and find it very interesting to read such a different perspective on said topics. I sincerely hope you continue with your blog and know that not all those that disagree with your beliefs are rude, ignorant, heartless people. I respect the heck outta ya! :) Regards, and God Bless.



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