Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Kind of Mascara Day is It?

What kind of mascara do you wear?  A specific brand?  A brush preference?  Waterproof?  Or
not?  Well, these last few months I should be paying more attention to what I'm putting my eyelashes.  They may not be long and beautiful as some, but they have been known to get wet without notice.  Have you ever squirted tears without warning?

I just never know when it will happen.  I have had a difficult five months.  It started in March when my mother passed away and then it continued when my father, who had Alzheimer's for nine years, declined very quickly and passed away much sooner than we ever expected in July.  So there should be sign I carry that warns everyone that I may start crying and it's not their fault.

Yesterday, I had to get my mom's family trust EIN number corrected with the IRS.  My financial advisor suggested that I actually go to an office to save "wait time" on the phone.  So I did. After patiently waiting for 45 minutes and chatting with the sweet lady next to me and the security guard, the IRS agent told me she couldn't help me.  No IRS office could help me. I would have to call the 1-800 number.  I understood.  However, as I walked out of the office I started crying almost to the point of embarrassment.  I couldn't get my sunglasses on fast enough.

Then a couple weeks ago, I went to my oldest daughter's church in College Station.  I sat down and they sang two notes, beautiful notes, and the tears wouldn't stop.  My youngest daughter kept looking at me.  I'm sure everyone in church looked at me.  I wanted to leave so bad but I was smashed in the middle of a pew .  So I hoped the tears would stop and no one noticed.  I'm sure I had a spot light on me.  All I could think of that the tears would make my mascara run all over my face.  I didn't wear the correct kind....I didn't wear waterproof!

Even though I can't predict how I will react to life, I still love living life.  It's definitely different now that both my parents have joined Jesus in heaven.  I feel comfort knowing they are together and living the life they always dreamed.  So I will continue to debate every morning when I get up, what type of mascara day is it?  Or do I not wear any at all?

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