Friday, May 3, 2013

Last Day of HIgh School...Ending or Beginning?

Moms on Face Book quoting tears of sadness as their child goes to school for their last day of high school.  They tell stories of crying in their child's sandwiches as they make their lunches for the last time or tears streaming down their cheeks as they watch their child drive away for the last time as their high school days are ending.  Ending, tears.....these words aren't in my vocabulary today.

Yes, my Son went to high school for the last time....kind of.  He still has a final next week and then he will go back in a couple weeks for Senior Assembly.  Of course, he will go all next week for baseball practice as his baseball team prepares for the state baseball tournament.  So was it his last day of school?  Not really.  Technically, yes.  It was the official last day of class.  So the mom's jumped on Face Book and Twitter this morning in tears.

Instead, I woke up to snow in May.  Yes, snow!  It snowed in the south.  The snow covered my entire yard and I had an inch on my patio table.  So it was even sticking.  Someone made mother nature mad.  Then I found my camera and did what I normally do on the first day of school.  I took my Son's picture commemorating his last day.  Then I told him to have FUN!  Enjoy every moment!

Is my heart hard as stone?  No.  Do I not care for my Son?  Of course, I love my Son and share in his excitement.  Will I shed tears?  I very well may.  Will they be tears of sadness or tears of joy?  Probably both.  However, I have learned through graduation experiences, although I never thought I would be ready for my child to embark on this new life they call "college", I was more than ready much earlier than I ever anticipated.  It surprised me during the spring semester of my oldest daughter's senior year in high school.  I thought I would be drowning in tears and would be overwhelmed with emotions.

Much to my surprise, my emotions were not sadness but excitement.  My anticipation of my oldest daughter leaving home transformed from the unknown to excitement and joy.  I became excited and couldn't wait until she began that new part of life.  I realized it was "time" for her to learn how be the person I had so hard to teach all the In's and Out's of life for the past eighteen years.  So off she went.  Did tears drop from my eyes? Absolutely!  However, I knew in my heart that she needed to grow as a person and own her decisions and learn from them.

So today on my Son's last day of school, I am anxious for him to embark on a similar journey.  Will I miss his smiles?  Yes!  Will I enjoy seeing him walk through that door for a quick dinner or a load of laundry?  Absolutely!  However, God prepared me for today and I am ready.  I know he is ready.  I know he will make decisions differently than I would, but I already had my chance.  Now it is his chance.  So let the fun begin!  I know he is ready and so am I!

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