Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How Do You Hit a Curve Ball?

Life continues to throw curve balls at every turn.  So how do you handle these curve balls?   Do you stand at the plate swinging with all your might hoping to make it to the next base?  Do strike out?  Do you throw your bat in anger that you can't believe  you got that curve ball?  Or do you stand at the plate watching in disbelief?

When we stand at the plate, we choose how we approach each pitch.   Are you calling life challenges struggles or do you call them opportunities?  Do you roll up your sleeves and dig in or do you get swallowed up in self pity?

Over the years, I have approached life from every angle.  I try to look at every new challenge as an opportunity, but then again I have been swallowed up in the depths of self pity.  I have had my fair share of pity parties to the point of depression that affected my personal health and the well being of my family.  On the other side, I have fought with my every fiber for what I believed in so that my children would see a happy, well adjusted role model of a mother in their life even when I wanted to roll up in a ball.  Life is not easy and doesn't ever claim to be.

However, I am faced with the mortality of humans as my Mom's health is failing.  I can't even imagine what it feels like every day to wake up knowing that I will have a harder time to breathe today than yesterday with no cure in my lifetime.  My Mom lives three states away and tells me she's doing fine, when in reality she can't even walk to the bathroom a few feet away without sitting to rest and she hasn't taken a real bath in months as it's too difficult to breathe.  She's more honest with my sister who lives five minutes from her to the point of complaining and feeling sorry for herself at every turn.

Then on top of her health, my Dad has Alzheimer's and lives in a memory unit.  He doesn't remember me and is beginning not to remember my Mom.  It's leaves my mother anxious and upset as that is not the man she married.  She feels guilty that she doesn't see him more than she does.  She's bitter and angry that her life didn't turn out the way she had hoped.

My Mom's life could definitely be considered a struggle.  It's a struggle to breathe.  It's a struggle to believe that the man you married really isn't that man any more.  It's a struggle to realize that all your hopes and dreams are gone.

I can not imagine my Mom's  heart or her true feelings.  What I write are my perceptions not her actual feelings.  My fate may be exactly the same as my Mom's.  You never know what God has planned for your life.  Very few times does our life turn out the way we plan. Parents don't plan on their child to be a drug addict either.  However, God has such a bigger plan in mind for us than our human brains can imagine.  It's so hard for us to remember as we hurt or as we see our lives change in ways that society would classify as unhappy.  I have to believe that God is with both my Mom and my Dad despite their circumstances.  I pray that they rely on Him during these times. He reveals Himself to those who believe.  We may not like our circumstances, but God calls us to continue on in faith.  It may not be always easy, but we must persevere.

So it's time to stand at the plate of life, bat on our shoulder, ready to swing with all our might at anything that comes our way.  God is with us no matter what opportunity stands before us.  He will be with us no matter what and we need to stay with Him, in Word and in Prayer.  If you are too weak to pray, the Holy Spirit will pray on our behalf.  So never give up and remember God is Good!  So I pray for you, Mom and Dad.  I pray that you feel God's presence everywhere you go and that the Holy Spirit fills your heart.  He can do amazing things...just ask for His presence in everything you do.

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  1. Very up lifting post! God always has us in his hands no matter what life throws at us!



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